diagonal GEST

diagonal GEST is today one of the main groups of advanced process outsourcing and financial services both the Iberian Peninsula and internationally with a growing presence in Latin America.

With its own workforce of over 1,000 employees (about 650 in Spain), more than 50 offices / delegations (40 divided by major Spanish cities near Lisbon and Oporto), has the most advanced facilities and technologies, and multiple certifications along with a collaborative and partnership relationship with customers form the main asset of the company.


  • Access the Mortgage Management operations and other asset transactions.

  • Access the Management of Validation of Powers, reports on the powers available to agents and legitimizing who are awarded.

  • Access the Management of Probate, legal opinions, disposition orders, inventory and distribution of goods, processing of inheritance... all with special focus on the sections in which the law assigns responsibilities subsidiaries.